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Virtual Tour of Children Today Montessori Building and Playground

Welcome to Children Today Montessori Learning Center. As you can see from the photographs above, there is expansive parking in the front of the school.  In addition, you may drop off your children at the front door of the school.  As you enter the doors of the school, you and your child enter an environment that is reminiscent of the entrance to the average home.

The arrangement of the furniture, Persian rug in the center of the floor, pictures on the wall, the chairs, and the side furniture, creates an atmosphere that is somewhat familiar to your child and helps to lessen the separation anxiety that children face their first few years of schooling away from home.

The classroom is a large, open space that has been subdivided into different learning zones.   The Montessori Method has shown that this type of arrangement is the most conducive to rapid and quality learning and retention of subjects experienced.