About Us

Why chooseChildren Today Montessori for your child?

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Children Today Montessori offers hands-on learning, self-expression and collaborative play in a beautifully created environment of respect, peace, and joy.

CTM has Montessori Certified Teachers.
A state of the art facility that harvests a clean environment which is about all state expectations on safety, rules, and regulations.
Every primary classroom is totally equipped with AMI certified materials to inspire the child to work with them.
CTM is a private Montessori School that caters to working parents.
CTM offers a clean, secure and safe environment with a security system at the front door and cameras throughout the inside and outside of the school.
CTM offers optional catered-in warm and nutritious hot lunches where the parents can choose a Regular or Vegetarian lunch for their child, with nutritional snacks.
CTM Certified teachers genuinely nurture and love each and every child equally.
Children have freedom of movement, choice, and the ultimate: Freedom of Opportunity.
CTM Assistants and Teachers cater to each child's individual daily needs.
CTM has a lower Teacher/Student ratio than traditional or public schools.
CTM has teachers that recognize the potential in each child.
CTM develops leadership and role model skills along with self-confidence which is ultimately needed in today’s society.
Each child works at their own pace: There is always extra help for the below average and always extra challenge for the above average.
Lessons are one-on-one between teacher and child.
Children are allowed to interact and socialize with each other on a daily basis.
Children have the consistency with the same teacher and assistants in the same classroom for up to 4 years.
Children learn ``Practical Life`` skills to make them independent for the future.
CTM does not aim to photocopy every child. We realize and respect the individuality of each and every child.
At CTM, a Montessori child is constantly introduced to materials, lessons and values to prepare them for adulthood, rather than just the next grade.

Our Mission

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The mission of Children Today Montessori (CTM) is to provide a positive learning environment that empowers every child to fulfill their greatest potential intellectually, physically, and emotionally. Our high quality Montessori setting will nurture a love of academic pursuits as well as encourage the development of independence, self-respect, and concern for others.

Physical Activities

Playball, Karate, and Ballet Classes are available on our school campus. Through these activities, children practice following direction and being part of a team.

Enrichment Program

CTM provides an enrichment program of Music, Spanish, and Art to develop cultural awareness and language diversity.

Creative Activities

CTM offers opportunities for children to learn challenging concepts and apply critical thinking skills to create new ideas and find meaningful solutions to a problem.

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Catered Lunch Available

offers optional “catered-in” warm nutritious lunches. Parents can specify their dietary preference, regular, no beef, or strict vegetarian for their child.

Supportive Community

CTM provides opportunities for families to meet and interact with one another.

Summer Camp

CTM offers a year round program. Our Summer Camp features educational presentations and “In-House” field trips.

Full Day Session

CTM strives to meet the needs of working parents.

Outdoor Play Area

CTM features quality, state of the art equipment and rubber playground surfacing to provide a safer outdoor environment for children.

Qualified Teachers

CTM has qualified, experienced Montessori certified teachers.