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Montessori Moments

February Newsletter

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Dear Parents,

Building relationships is the most intricate and complicated part of a healthy environment.  Children build neuron connections with each kind word of love and care.  This month we celebrate all healthy relationships and welcome all new friendships.  It is absolutely amazing to see children grow with their friends and build trust to share their feelings and emotions.  This month teachers will focus on creating memories and lasting love for learning through variety of work.

Warn Regards,

quote of Lao Tzu that kindness in words creates confidence


February 2nd:  Groundhog Day
February 2nd:  World Red Aloud Day
February 3rd:  Heart Health Presentation
February 8th:  Dental Hygiene Presentation
February 14th:  Valentine’sDay Celebration
February 16th:  Work Day with Dads (P3)
February 17th:  Work Day with Dads (P1)
February 20th:  President’s Day


Please refrain from holding lengthy conversations with your child’s teacher during drop off and pick up times.  Our teachers must concentrate and supervise the children since these are busy times of the day.  If you would like to speak to your child’s teacher, please send them a message through Procare.  We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

Student pick‐up Changes:  If you would like to change your child’s pick‐up timings, we are happy to accommodate your needs.  To help us with staffing, the school requires a month’s notice.  CTM will not return or refund any tuition if pick‐up changes are requested without a month’s notice.

Monthly Tuition:  New tuition rates went into effect January 1, 2023.  Any returned checks or CC declines will incur a $50.00 fee.

Late Pick‐Up:  All late pick‐ups will be charged at the end of day.  Please be mindful of staffing needs.   We try our best to keep a 1:5 ratio at all times, and the teachers and assistants are scheduled accordingly.  All children attendance will be tracked, if the child is picked up late continuously, their family will be charged on the third day for all three days.  If you are running late, please send a message through ProCare or call the admin staff, this way we can make arrangements with our afternoon teachers.

Shoes:  All children must wear proper fitting gym shoes or sneakers with socks.  There’s a higher chance of accident in the playground when children are not wearing proper fitting shoes, please work with us in decreasing the number accidents that occur.  Children will not be allowed to play in the playground if they are not wearing proper shoes.

Snack and Lunch:  Please refrain from sending cookies/ candy/ chocolate/ chocolate milk for lunch or snacks with your child.

Illnesses and Sick Policy:  Please keep your children home when they are sick!!   If children have a fever, vomiting, or diarrhea on a given day, they MUST STAY HOME THE NEXT DAY.  They have to be 24 hours free of any of these symptoms(without medication) before they can return to school.   We recommend that symptoms be treated with good nutrition and supplements to boost their immune system as well as enough sleep to build their strength.   Returning to good health sometimes requires more time.  Please keep your children home if their noses are continuously running, they’re coughing and showing signs of being tired and out of sorts.  Thank you so much!

Belongings:  Please label all personal belongings, jackets, extra pair of clothing, lunch boxes, bottles, etc.

Hygiene:  Good personal hygiene plays a critical role in promoting a positive self‐image and reinforces healthy habits.   We encourage these good hygiene strategies at school and encourage you to do the same at home.

The following are examples of good DAILY hygiene practices:

  • Shower or bathe every day or every other day.
  • Cut nails and file regularly.
  • Wash hands ALWAYS after: using the restroom, before and after eating, playing outdoors or touching animals.
  • Wash hair daily or every other day. Brush your hair daily.
  • Brush teeth twice a day and, preferably, floss daily.
  • Wear clean/unsoiled clothes every day.
  • Wear clean socks and underwear every day.
  • Maintain your general health through exercise, plenty of rest and good nutrition.


Dear Parents,

In February, we will be focusing on math.  Children will learn to match numerals to objects.  We will continue to work on Secondary colors through matching games.

We will sing and read books about care, kindness, and love.  We will focus on movement through songs with action such as "The wheels on the bus go…".

I am enjoying seeing your child grow and express themselves in numerous ways.

Ms. Mojgan

infant playing with plastic straw and metal container with various sized holes on top


Toddler playing with various colored parts and shapes to a puzzle

Dear Parents,

February is the month of friendship, kindness, and love.  We will continue to incorporate actions (modeling) and words of kindness, such as "gentle, please, thank you and asking a friend "are you okay?".

We will learn about winter animals and it will include a polar bear, penguin and snowy owl.

Clean Up Time: The importance of Completing the Work Cycle.  The children learn, from the very beginning, that cleaning up is a part of the lesson.  They will help keep the classroom clean and tidy.  They learn early on to such as:

  • Push their chair in after they get up from the table
  • Return their work to the shelf where they first found it
  • Roll their work rug up and put it away in the rug container
  • Fold or roll their apron or paint smock
  • Cleaning up a spill on the table or floor with a towel/mop

It takes time, practice, and patience.  Eventually, children will learn to be self‐sufficient when it comes to cleaning up.

Please remember to label all of your child’s belongings to prevent lost or misplaced items.  Please keep an ice pack in their lunch bag.

Thank you,
Toddler Teachers


two primary aged girls working with numbers

Dear Parents,

We would like to thank Ms. Shwetha Gopisetty for briefly presenting about the Indian festival Sankranthi (Harvest festival or kite festival).  Thank you for taking time to prepare for the Kite and the Rangoli projects.  Children also had fun doing them.  We would also like to thank Ms. Xiaolei Zheng and Hannah Liu’s family for taking time to do a presentation and projects on Chinese New Year.  Children were excited to receive their special gifts for Chinese New Year.

We will kickstart February with lots of learning and fun activities.  Monthly Observations for February are:

  • Black History
  • Dental Hygiene
  • Heart Health

Children will learn the significance of remembering important people and events in the history of African diaspora.  We will discuss the importance of dental hygiene and will learn the parts of the tooth.

Children will learn about the human heart and circulatory system.  We will also focus on hygiene and being healthy.

Primary boy drawing hands on an analog clock

On February 2, Groundhog Day, we will discuss the predictions, whether it is a long winter or early spring.  For President’s Day, we will read a book and do some activities.

February 2 is also considered as ‘World Read Aloud Day’.  Children are encouraged to bring Eric Carl books from February 2 to February 10 to share and read it with their peers.

We will be celebrating Valentine’s Day on Tuesday, February 14th.  Children will be exchanging valentine cards on that day.  Please do not send candies or chocolates.  Pencils, erasers, stickers are allowed.   Please write only your child’s name on the card.

We are excited to celebrate Work Day with Dads in the month of February.  Please look out for the signup genius and more details to come.
P3- Thursday, February 16
P1 – Friday, February 17

Our parent‐teacher conference will be held in the month of March.  Further details will be sent through an email.

Thank you,
Ms. Janani & Ms. Revathi