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Why did we choose CTM? We feel strongly that a Montessori education during our children’s youngest years will provide a strong foundation for their futures. We hope that this early investment will pay off for years to come.

What results are we seeing? Our oldest started reading when he was four, and at age five he is doing addition,subtraction, multiplication, and division. The best part is that it is fun for him! He doesn’t see math as boring or something he’s being forced to learn. He’s proud of himself for each new skill he picks up and is always excited about learning.

What is something we love about CTM? I personally love the teacher-to-student ratio, as it is lower than what you often see in other daycares/preschools. My kids rave about their teachers, and I know that the teachers care about their well-being.

Thank you,
Melissa H.

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The mission of Children Today Montessori in Johns Creek, GA is to provide a positive learning environment that empowers every child to fulfill his/her greatest potential intellectually, physically, and emotionally. Our high quality Montessori setting will nurture a love of academic pursuits as well as encourage the development of independence, self-respect, and concern for others.

Children Today opened in January 2008. Designed and built with Montessori education principles in mind, each of the six spacious classrooms are fully equipped with certified Montessori materials.

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