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Children Today Montessori Learning Center
10465 Jones Bridge Road
Alpharetta, GA 30022
tel: 770.817.8200  |   fax: 770.817.8201

Parental Reviews

Children Today Montessori is a very good learning center. My grandson, Daniel, was very shy and reserved and did not interact well with children his age. Since he has been attending this school he has come out of his shy shell and is learning and playing well with other children. I am very impressed with the Montessori Method, it not only helped Daniel come out of his shell, but it has made him more independent. Also, his enunciation of words is much clearer and his ability to read and write has skyrocketed. I was amazed when he was able to name all of the continents and even some of the countries on the world map, I definitely feel like I am getting my money's worth from CTM and I have been telling all my friends and family about this school. My hat goes off to the teachers and staff for doing such commendable job of breaking down that wall my grandson had built around him which has allowed him to learn, grow, and play. I am so proud of my grandson and thankful for Children Today Montessori. Thank you for being there in our time of need.
Curtis W.

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Children Today Montessori Learning Center  |   10465 Jones Bridge Road,   Alpharetta, GA 30022  
telephone: 770.817.8200   |  fax: 770.817.8201